Lease Terms

The standard lease license comes with 1 commercial usage. You can distribute up to 2,000 copies. You will receive a high quality mp3 via email instantly upon purchase. This license does not grant copyright ownership. Artist working on mix-tapes usually choose this option.

Exclusive Terms

Exclusive rights comes unlimited commercial usage. You can distribute unlimited copies. You will receive a high quality mp3 or wav file instantly via email.  The instrumental will not be resold anymore after it’s purchased with exclusive rights.  The vocal tags will be removed upon request. Tracked out wav files will be sent within 24 to 48 hours upon purchase. You will receive an Exclusive contract via email.

Lets Make A Hit  We aim to make sure that artist have the same quality of music as the majors.  The rap beats for sale on our site have been engineered for success.  The only thing between you and a smash hit single is your voice.  That’s the only thing missing from the rap beats for sale on our site.  Independent artist are making tons of money selling their music through digital distribution outlets online.  It’s your time to shine!  The music industry has changed in your favor!

The key to a hit song is keeping people listening.  The last thing any successful artist wants is to bore the audience!  The beats for sale on our site have many transitions, depending on the style of track, which is sure to keep your audience listening to your song.

The last thing you want is to have your song too long! You want the audience to hear just enough of it.  This will make them want to hear the song over and over.  Hit songs are a certain length for a reason.  It’s a science that we try day in and day out to master! Let’s take your music to the next level today!  The more you put in the more you get out.

Invest in your music today and be one step closer to making a major impact in the music industry!

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