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Dr. Dre Releasing New Material In 2015

Exclusive: “People are going to be surprised,” DJ Speed says of Dr. Dre’s forthcoming material. “He got some shit coming out.”

11-Dr. Dre_7-23-2010
DJ Speed, who worked with Dr. Dre in the 1980s when they were both affiliated with Ruthless Records, says that Dr. Dre will be releasing new material in 2015.

“Right now, he’s really motivated,” DJ Speed says during an interview that premiered in the DX Daily today (November 5). “People are going to be surprised. He got some shit coming out. NotDetox. You guys can let that go. Detox has been dead for two years. But he’s definitely been in the studio. He’s definitely releasing music. Not this year.”

DJ Speed, who appeared on Eazy-E’s “Radio” single, says that several other N.W.A members will also be releasing music next year.

“I think next year’s gonna be a big N.W.A year,” DJ Speed says. “I think Cube’s kind of even pushing his album to next year ‘cause he doesn’t really talk about it too much no more. At first it was really hot, but then I think he’s going to push his ’til next year, too. Ren has an album coming out next year. Yella’s working on something.” 

DJ Speed says that he has a few unreleased songs that he will be releasing in 2015. “I got an N.W.A, the song ‘Just Don’t Bite It,’” he says of the 1990 N.W.A song about fellatio. “I got the original version that we couldn’t get cleared. It was a Herbie Hancock sample. That’s the funniest story. They called him, wanted to get it cleared. He said, ‘No’ literally two seconds into the song.”

DJ Speed says he has another song he did approximately two years ago with MC Ren called “Super West Coast.” -Soren Baker-