How To Get Signed On Any Record Label In Nigeria

Music Label In NigeriaWhen I was young, I have many brothers and sister that are doing music and even addicted to music , but they usually tell me then that music is unprofitable venture for anybody to take as profession.

But about few years, through my findings and the flamboyant lifestyle of our music super stars I discovered that music as developed so much so that people earn a living from music, to the extend that artistes such as Don Jazzy, Wizkid, D’banj, P-Square, Ice Prince, Jude Okoye and others can afford to buy expensive porches car that worst about #50m without even them to be bankrupt .

In recent years stakeholders in music industry in Nigeria, are now having the mindset that music is business, then you will think like a business man.

Basically because in any business will investment based on the returns that will get from that business. Because no record label around the world, will want to sign any artistes that have not develop him/herself into economical brand that they can invest in.

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